Camelian.Systems: GnuCOBOL Experts

We have several years of active development of code and technology related to GnuCOBOL. Our Open Source package, GnuCOBOL Debugging Extensions, is proof. It provides native (gdb) source level debugging running on Linux, Windows, and (soon) MacOSx.

We are not just users of GnuCOBOL. Several of our team are Contributors and Committers to the Project. We are on the team!

Commercial Technical Support for GnuCOBOL

Camelian.Systems offers commercial technical support for firms, institutions, and agencies adopting GnuCOBOL in production environments. This support is patterned after Symas Corporation's successful support practice for the OpenLDAP Directory Server project. We can support specific packaged applications under a simplified pricing model or teams of varying sizes on a per-seat pricing approach. Please see the Support Page for more information.

GnuCOBOL Resource Hub

Our Resources section gathers together links to many of the valuable Web sites with information about GnuCOBOL. It also provides documentation developed by the Camelian team alone and in concert with other GnuCOBOL Project members and developers.

Looking for the or the Web Site?

This is it! Landing pages are coming soon. Camelian Systems is the premier commercial Technical Support provider for GnuCOBOL.